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Iran – The Land Of Attractions

Iran, with its ancient culture and civilization and famous and known historical places, its natural and climatic landscapes and views is in the top of tourism list for any tourist. With no doubt, tourism is an unforgettable experience in the mind and heart of people. Iran offers you a diverse and colorful nature. Every type of natural environment, from warm and arid desert to cool and humid forest, lies within your sight here.

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If you yearn for the vast horizons of the desert, if you love sand-trekking in hot sunlight, if you enjoy the sight and fragrance of flower-covered plains and fancy seeing rare and exotic flowers, if you are interested in seeing the unique Harra Forest, if you find seeing and skiing on snow-covered slopes throughout the year attractive, if you haven’t yet experienced a stroll in the heart of dense forests of soaring trees, if sitting on a sandy or rocky shore by a calm or agitated see appeals to you, if you are an adept of boat-riding, skin-diving or surfing, if you enjoy walking in the rain in misty weather, if you want to see the sumptuous residences and simple dwellings created in exquisite settings by different Iranian ethnic groups, if you are interested in seeing Qanats at work, if you haven’t seen water lilies lining the surface of serene ponds, if you wish to see a salt lake, travel to Iran to enjoy this aggregate of architectural and natural beauties in all seasons.

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